New Honda Sports Car: How the Look on 2016 Honda NSX Is

New Honda sports car can just be as amazing as other sports cars from other car manufacturers. It is possible for Honda sports cars to even compete with them. They are all amazing on their own way too, especially from the look. So, let’s see how 2016 Honda NSX sports car looks in its design here.

New Honda Sports Car with Supercar Look

There are many things you can compliment when it comes to the look of this sports car here. Why, of course, it is because this car is designed to be reliable-looking with taut and tight details. It does look very much function-first with such design. No wonder, this car is promising even on its look.

Speaking about its look, there is certain design given to it to promote more super car look on this car. This design includes the grilles and the air intakes to dominate the front end. Furthermore, the floating rear C-pillar of this car has been added with more air intakes, air filters, and air channels.

Even the detail of this car’s design has lots of depth and is formed careful way. As a result, this new sports car from Honda can offer aggressive 3D appearance that looks just like supercar. From that, you should have known that this car is designed to be different than how the original NSX model is.

The difference can be noticed much in this 2016 Honda NSX. If we must say, the body design made in this new Honda sports car is pretty much as complex as F1 model from 2000 to 2009. For these days, the look of this sports car would offer uniquely different look than any other new released cars.

New Honda Sports Car with Low and Wide Design

There are still more things we can talk about when it comes to the look of this sports car. Besides the design of new Honda sports car here that we have just talked about above, there is still some characteristic design made on it too. This design has something to do with the shape of this car.

From its height, this car is 1.2-meter tall. Furthermore, it has its seats mounted well inboard, so the centre of the mass is pretty much low to the ground. It is just as low as the original Senna model actually. That being said, this car is made to offer comfortable room in the cabin for the driver.

Being inside is not as cramped as you think. Also, this car is not so small with such design. It is actually much wider than its original, being almost 2 meters across. So, it is clear that this sports car is not as small as you think. Not to mention, it is obvious that you will get wider room in its interior.

Well, we can expect no less from Honda after all. Every car produced by it is built to live up to customers’ expectations and needs. This 2016 Honda NSX is one among its cars built with thoughtful design of supercar look for the look of sports car here, as expected from the new Honda sports car.


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