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2016 GMC Canyon Diesel Truck

2016 GMC Canyon Diesel Truck

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Do you like mid-size truck powered by diesel? Many sure have favored this type of engines for it is capable of bringing exceptional torque and longevity for the car. However, people prefer mid-size truck that is focused more on its daily utility with minimal hassle. If that is also the one you are looking for, we have 2016 GMC Canyon Diesel to suggest to you here. Let’s see how useful it is for us through the specifications it has. We will point you the important points about this car below.

4-Cylinder Engine for Fuel Efficiency

If it is for daily utility, people don’t really that care about having truck with fast performance. They tend to prefer the more useful one for daily needs. That is why with that in mind, this 2016 GMC Canyon truck has 2.8-liter 4-cylinder engine under its hood. It goes with it instead of using either 6 or 8 ones. That being said, its torque remains pretty much solid. However, there is a point for having such engine and torque in here. You get that engine above that can actually produce 369 lb ft of torque for this car to run. The point in having them in GMC Canyon Diesel 2016 is that the car will be more efficient in its fuel consumption. They will also help this car to smooth out the vibration, making it convenient to ride every day. Now, then, wouldn’t it be something that people want from mid-size truck? We are sure that they prefer such truck this way.

The Fuel Consumption in This Truck

You now know that 2016 GMC Canyon Diesel has perfect engine and torque for daily utility above. So, don’t you want to know about its fuel consumption to get more insight for the fuel efficiency? Well, this truck does an amazing thing with such engine and torque actually. On the highway, its fuel consumption is measured to be 31mpg. It is even better than cars with gas-powered 4-cylinder. There are 4mpg-difference between them. Not to mention, it has 7mpg more improvement if you compare it to Toyota Tacoma versions that have best efficiency. On the town though, it might only be 22mpg. However, even with such fuel consumption, it is still better compared to other pickup trucks belonging to its kind. See? You should have been sure by now that diesel-powered GMC Canyon is surprisingly suitable in its performance when it comes to its utility for daily needs. There is no need to get high-performed pickup trucks after all. If it is simply for daily needs, we should be wise enough to simply choose the useful one for the needs. So, don’t waste your money on more expensive or amazing trucks, if this one is perfectly enough for you. You don’t need to worry. This pickup truck is worthy choice to choose. You will get your works done nicely and efficiently with this 2016 GMC Canyon Diesel here. .