2016 Honda Civic MSRP and What You Can Get with the Price

There are many people in this world today that like cars originated from Japan. Among the cars, there is one called Honda. Surely, this is the car name that you are most familiar with. If you are interested in small sedan, we have the best one to choose. Let’s start this discussion with 2016 Honda Civic MSRP then. Yes, this Honda car is the one we recommend to you here. Let’s see what we can get by paying the price.

How Much the Car Is Priced For

We have small sedan here. However, it is the best one you can be sure to feel satisfied with. That being said, this one is not sports car. That is why you can rest assured for the price won’t be as high as you think. Speaking about the 2016 Honda Civic price, the company has tagged the best price for the car as well besides making the car the best one to choose for small sedan. Then, how much do you think this sedan is priced for?

Did you know? The price of Honda Civic 2016 starts from $19,475. Of course, this is the base price for the car. Since the price ranges from that, it would not be surprising for the price to rise. Well, even if it does rise, there is limit to the price. In other words, the price won’t go beyond it. You see, this car’s MSRP ranges up to $27,335 only. So, you can prepare spending that much if you ever want to buy this small sedan here.

What Is Featured in Its Powertrain

After the price, we are sure that you would worry about the powertrain it has. It holds the key to the car’s performance after all. Worry not for 2016 Honda Civic MSRP is determined by considering the performance the car can give for you. Well, there are 3 models you can choose from this sedan car. First, there is LX model with 2.0-liter 4-cylinder as the base engine of the car. With this engine, the car can produce up to 158 hp.

This model is the one that can offer you smooth ride. Second, there is EX-T model with 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine that can offer more horsepower that is 174 hp. Of course, this model is quicker than the base one. Third, there is CVT model that gives you impressive power due to its turbo kind. See? Even with that Honda Civic price range above, you can get this much even from its powertrain only. This sedan really is the best.

What Other Specifications Are

Of course, powertrain is not the only important thing that you should concern yourself with when choosing the best car to buy. Other specifications of this car must be worth to take into account as well. Of all the things that this car has to offer, this sedan is favored due to its fuel economy, 32mpg for LX model and 31mpg for EX-T and CVT models. Also, this 2016 Honda Civic MSRP is also well liked in its in-cabin storage, which means that you can expect spacious storage in the cabin to keep things.


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