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Mercedes Benz Sports Car Convertible

Mercedes Benz Sports Car Convertible

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You want to look cool with your car, here; you surely need to look at the New Mercedes Benz Sports Car. As we know, many products from the Mercedes Benz have been considered as exclusive product because they have held a strong position in the world car sale. The new car has been announced here from the series of AMG GT which is the 2017 Mercedes AMG GT. This is a surely wonderful car to be chosen and you will find greater thing from this wonderful car.

The Power of 2017 Mercedes AMG GT

Talking about power, this New Sports Car from Mercedes Benz does provide you with abundant power. Here, the engine which is given 4.0 L V8 engine which is quite powerful. This engine is also featured with biturbo engine system which can boost the power to greater extent. This car can produce up to 503 horsepower. This great power is also supported with the multispark ignition and direct injection of fuel to the engine. It provides more efficient combustion in the engine itself.

The Exterior of 2017 Mercedes AMG GT

Here now we will talk about the exterior of the car. Here, the coupe design has been kept to provide more exclusive appearance. The sporty look is still kept with more curves and dynamic color for sure. For the construction, the New Mercedes Benz Sports Car is designed with really wonderful light chassis. This light chassis comes from the aluminum spaceframe which is strong yet light too. The light chassis has given the car more responsive body to the steering.

The Interior of 2017 Mercedes AMG GT

The interior is surely something that you will not need to doubt. The New Sports Car of Mercedes Benz is designed with premium upholstery from leather material. It will provide comfort and prestige which you need. To add more comfort, the seat has been set in the heated seat mode. This heated seat surely becomes a good aid when you face a cold day. For the safety feature, here, you get eight air bags to help you face accidents, and you also get attention assist here. Navigation system and audio entertainment are surely given in this car.

The Price of 2017 Mercedes AMG GT

For the price itself, this Mercedes Benz New Sports Car has been set in a good price. Here, the MSRP from the vendor comes with $ 131,200. That is the price from the MSRP and the invoice price may be lower or higher than the price which has been mentioned above. It is time for you to decide your choice here. As you see, the New Mercedes Benz Sports Car branded with 2017 AMG GT has been made with various superiority and advantages. This car will not let you down in both appearance and performance. You will also feel safe even when you are driving in high speed because there are a lot of safety features which are ready to assist you in the road. This is a true great car.